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If you want your outfit to say Attitude! and show sophistication, nothing does it better  than a good pair of sunglasses.

Jack Nicholson got it perfectly when he said “With my sunglasses on, I'm Jack Nicholson. Without them, I'm fat and 60.”

When you put a good pair of sunglasses on, you set yourself apart from the world, making the world softer, less harsh.
You’re protecting yourself from it, and if the eyes are indeed the windows to the soul
then wearing sunglasses closes that window to the world.

Sunglasses can also change a whole outfit making a casual outfit more sophisticated. Making you stand out in a crowd or just simply say: I'm cool…

In 1952 Ray Ban designer Raymond Stegeman came out with the Wayfareres. A model of sunglasses so successful that over 50 years
later it is still one of the best selling accessories for men (rivaled only by the Aviators).

This model is so classic and so unmistakably American that it has been copied, changed and adapted by almost every accessory company in the world (Even for women, remember Audrey Hepburn wearing sunglasses in the 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany's? well, they might look like rayban’s but those are actually made by Persol..)

The latest model from Ray-Ban are the Wayfarer Ultra Limited Edition.
A reproduction of the model launched in 1952. Like the original, the Wayfarer Ultra is made of black acetate (this time with a unique serial number stamped inside the temple). On the outside, the Ray-Ban logo and 1952 are engraved in 18k gold.

Apart from being the coolest sunglasses out there right now, what makes these a great buy are the P3PLUS lenses; they offer a very
high quality polarization with enhanced color definition and an anti-reflective and hydro-oleophobic coating for strong protection and high resistance.

If you shop diligently you can find them for as little as $280.

By the way, if you are fearful that you will "blend in" too much because of the popularity of these glasses, no worries:
the white gold accents will set you apart for sure!

If you want sunglasses that are a modern version of a classic
look, a relatively new company called Barton Perriera ( is selling spectacular choices, redefining elegance and style.

Their best offering (but not the only great one) is “The Albert Maysles,” named after the filmmaker of "Grey Gardens" and the man  Jean-Luc Godard called “the best American cameraman,”

Turns out that he is not just super talented (…sigh of jealousy) but he also has a signature look! (something one should always strive for). His look is artistic and literary; in his case this look is achieved with spectacles from the 60s. An item he always wears (both as reading glasses and

These fantastic specs have been modernized and streamlined to fit any outfit but they work best with a  casual look..

Luckily for us, Barton Perriera has taken these and replicated them
exclusively for Barney’s New York. $350-$365 (

The result: amazing sunglasses and readers (get a reader and change the lenses for your regular everyday prescription if you have one).

Here some other options from Barton Perriera:

Finally a fantastic company that makes very unique sunglasses is "Anne and Valentine."  Opened in 1981 in Toulouse, in the south of France, the company  creates sunglasses (and regular frames) that are fun and quirky without being bizarre or outrageous.  They are just different enough to make you stand out. As always it’s all in the details.
The glasses have a sense of style and a certain French chic that is very hard to describe.

 These particular ones I got at ‘Invision optometry’ in San Francisco a while ago; they are just the right amount of style and flair. In a sea of suits, putting these on will immediately make you stand out!

Look for your local retailer at

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