Saturday, April 2, 2011

Summer Shoes

As the weather is warming up (sorry east coasters..) and summer is approaching it's time to think about summer shoes. ( yes, it time!)

Here is the deal. I hate wearing Flip Flops; they were never comfortable for me. Sandals are more comfortable but I can only bring myself to wearing them in resorts or hotels in places like Hawaii, since the streets of NY, LA or SF are too grimly and gravely.

For the day-to-day boat shoes, loafers and canvas sneakers are great (below is a fantastic chart helping you differentiate between types of shoes; it was drawn just for this blog by the talented illustrator Evan Wolkenstein).   But what do you do about the invitation to a beach party of a pool side bbq or even a boat trip? None of these everyday shoes will work really.

Luckily we have Swims (nothing short of genius!) Based in Norway they make galoshes and other great winter gear but most importantly they make a summer loafer. These shoes are made in their signature rubber, nylon mesh and non-marking soles. They have ventilation gills (that serve as draining gills too) and the foot bed is made from an odor resistant material.
Most importantly, since they are waterproof and super durable they are perfect for wearing at the beach, pool or on a boat. I wore my first ones last summer and I got them completely wet and full of sand multiple times at the beach and yet they still look great!

The BEST! -To have functional beach shoes that are cool without sacrificing style or comfort.

They run around $150 at select location in the US. 

Check for the one nearest you.
If you want a more unique shoe that serves as well but has more personality,  try one made by the amazing Vivian Westwood, one of the most influential designers of our times. She is the person largely responsible for bringing modern punk and new wave avant-garde fashions into the mainstream and is a personal favorite of mine.

She has designed a rubber loafer in some unique and fashion forward styles (duh). I got these ones in ‘white with blue paint strokes’ , they look like Dutch ceramics…and you cant miss the copper orb that very subtly notes their pedigree from the Vivian Westwood studio…

Indeed, versions of her rubber loafers have been around since last year but more and more designers are picking up this trend. They cost  between $190-210 and are available either at her store in LA (the only
location outside of the UK) or on

Similar to swims, Y3 by Yoji Yamamoto, a line for Adidas designed by super talented Japanese fashion designer, offer a very chic black version of a mesh shoe. These have leather lining but a rubber sole.
They are also more expensive, $350 also on

Finally, if you don’t like rubber at all and want a light slip-on that’s not a sneaker or a boat shoe, try this slip-on made from Canvas designed by the company Riviera (founded in 2010 by French duo Fabrizio Corveddu and Dan Amzallag)  The shoe is made with a  heavy-duty plain-woven fabric so strong and waterproof that it is used to cover the wooden hulls of canoes (not kidding).   It has a navy mesh upper and red canvas terrycloth-lined heel and a rubber sole. It's effortlessly stylish as you would expect from a company known for its relaxed 50s' inspired style.

One last thing,  Please note, I did not include here the ugliest shoe ever made – Crocs.  But if you do want to go with a resin shoe, try the Jefferson, made by Native. These are light, affordable ($45 at  shoes that look like a converse sneaker. They come in a variety of colors, are completely waterproof and would do very well at the beach. They are rather comfortable, totally fun and in their way  kind of classy…


Keep Shopping I.

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