Thursday, August 11, 2011

new menswear site... Park and Bond

The newest kid in Menswear/meanstyle-town is Park and Bond ( named after two very stylish streets). The new site comes from the Gilt Group that we all know and love. This site however is trying to cash on the new trend ( might not be a trend anymore, seems to be more 'de rigor' at this point…) of the editorial content and e-commerce intersection.

The site is designed exclusively for men ( i have no doubt a women's version is coming next) and offers full price items from about 80 brands for the man who is interested in clothes and style that are current and modern.  Much like Mr.Porter (.com) the site offers an array of clothes, accessories and life style guides in a sleek interface.

Shopping on-line can be overwhelming, especially if you are not  exactly sure what you are looking for and have more of a general idea of what you would like…
Sites like and and Yoox before them offer us a well curated online department store that tries to make shopping easier and more manageable.
While knowing what is classic and stylish can still be hard (not to mention getting something, trying it on and realizing its not flattering AT ALL!) sites such as this one attempt to offer those who do not want to spend whole days shopping for that one "fill in the blank"…  a shopping experience that is more intimate and much more 'knowledgable', In today economy, one wants to get the most of out of their money and knowing what the brands are, the craftsmanship and material is important.

No doubt that the site is aiming at men who can afford spending top dollar on a vintage watch ($3700 for a fantastic Rolex air-king with a nato strap) or $50 on a shampoo. but its worth the visit, and looking out for those specific items you might be looking for or get inspired by.

While at the moment the site stocks great  brands and the variety of products, whats worth looking at most is their C.O Bieglow apothecary and their Cedes travel accessory shop and of course their 'how to?' and advice section, aptly named "the intersection".

for the time being they offer free shipping and an impressive assortment of merchandise ( i got a pair of shoes vie been hunting down for a few weeks.. il let you know when they arrive)

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