Monday, December 20, 2010

Go native

Since 1863, Pendelton woolen mills have been trading and weaving. In 1909 their first jacquard Indian trading blanket rolled off the loom in Oregon and since then, they have been a staple in American homes.
Their patterns and tartans are woven from the very fabric that America is made of, weaving history, enterprise, social responsibility and fashion into their products. This family owned company (6th generation currently at the helm..) is producing innovative, fashion-forward products without sacrificing quality and a "work man" feel.
This cardigan (bought at Opening Ceremony in Los Angeles for $148) is a shawl cardigan (its called Jerome and its a jacquard pattern from the 1920s renamed after the once notorious mining town of Jerome.) It is black wool with a native American pattern weaved into it.
As it is 100% lambswool its very warm and the black background accentuates the pattern, making it at once casual and unique. I wear it with denim, a white shirt and boots.
If you look closely you will see more and more native American patterns out there. The trend of well-crafted Americana fashion that combines a casual easy chic with well made, tailored clothing is embracing the aesthetic of Native Americans as a way to add a certain 'flair'. This is a natural continuum of the trend of local, artisanal fashions that we are in right now... Keep Shopping I

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  1. Pendelton! So happy to see this on your blog!