Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Barbour is one of the world’s best outdoor clothing companies. It's one of those companies that actually has a pedigree. It has been creating garments for people who enjoy spending a significant amount of time out of the city since 1894.
Their garments are so good that they have been the providers of outdoor clothing  ( waterproof and protective clothing)  to the Queen of England, the Duke of Edinburgh (her husband) and the Prince of Wales (their son Charles).  Those of you with a keen eye might have spotted their garments in the movie 'The Queen' with helen Mirren. While the movie was screening,  the store in NY could not keep up with the demand for their products.

Their pieces are not only made with incredible attention to details of style and function but they perform flawlessly in all weather from fog to storms to searing heat;  their durability is legendary. I know people who have had their coats for decades.

I got this jacket in waxed cotton ( classic baufort jacket) at their store in NY ( they have web retailers as well) for $449. And not only is it cool, but  it kept me super dry during the last rain storm.  And the double zipper allows me to zip it up from the bottom so that I can wear it when i am riding my scooter.  

And btw, if you were wondering, the first waxed cotton products  were impregnated with linseed oil.  This helped the fabric become stronger, more durable, and  weatherproof.  Unfortunately, after a while the fabric took on a yellowish hue, the color of fisherman's clothing ( the early adopters of treated cotton...)

Keep shopping I


  1. Nice, someday looking forward to actually having money so I can buy clothes. Until then I'll live vicariously thru the author of this fine blog...

  2. 1. a scooter? oh yea (good solution)
    2. I was just thinking what a shame you dont have a twin blog for women fashion, I allways thought you will become a famous designer (still can). who will tell me what is a very warm coat for women but not terribly expensive? last 2 years I enjoyed a burberry windcoat (from premium outlet)that was crazy expensive but now...times are hard and much colder outside. Here is to you n your new blog - cheers!