Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It all starts with a shoe...

Nothing is as classic yet modern as penny loafer shoe.
This pair from Prada (bought on sale at Nordstrom in San Francisco for $379) is a perfect example. They look great with rolled up denim (make sure you wear a good sock with it) and even better with dress pants or a suit.
While the original loafers ( G.H Bass around 1934) had more of a square toe and an angular shaped cut out on the strap across the saddle, this pair is updated with a slender toe and a crescent shape cut-out. Granted, these are not cheap; you can find great loafers for less (Bass still makes its original and updated versions of Weejuns. But its the details on this pair that makes them an extra good buy.
The sole is made of rubber so you can walk in them all day long comfortably. While a leather sole might be more elegant, after a few hours of walking and standing around,the feet start to hurt. A leather sole transfers the force of each step to the foot; rubber soles absorb most of that impact so you can walk around in them for the whole day without feeling fatigued.

These shoes are especially good for travel. If you are like me, you hate to shelp (Yiddish for haul or carry) multiple pairs of shoes with you for a short jaunt to New York or Los Angeles. I want to be comfortable (especially when walking, looking for the best finds ) but still stylish; with these shoes I can be both.
They are also great at airports! You can slip them off and on for those pesky security checks. Keep Shopping I

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